Our Cupwinners




Date of Birth


  Tricky - somewhere around May 1999     About May-ish, 1999 Around May 1999, so they tell me.

Colour or Breed


  Grey/black and White tabby     Grey tabby Grey tabby. I have a little white star on my chin.



  Big, innocent green eyes!     Green, doe-eyes Amber

Resident in (Country)


  Great Britain     Great Britain Great Britain




Getting comfy on mum's lap, just before she's about to get up and do something important.


    Being 'Chief Cat' in our household. Guardian of the window sill.



  Getting good and muddy in the woods!     Eating. Killing and maiming small animals.

Most Likely to Say


  "Wanna play?"     To mum: 'Anything else to eat?' To my litter mates: 'Don't worry if you can't manage all of your food.....' Please don't hassle me!

Least Likely to Say


  "I'm cool."     'Gosh, I'm full up!' I am feeling very confident today!

Most Embarrassing Moment


  I'm often made to feel very embarrassed! I like to sleep half on and half off a cushion, upside down. Sometimes I slip off the cushion. Once I slipped off, panicked and went from the cushion, to the sofa, to the floor, taking the cushion with me. I desperately tried to hang on with my claws but sadly, I ended up in a heap! The humans had the cheek to laugh at me!    

Me? Embarrassed? Well, ok, maybe occasionally. How about the time I got stuck behind the freezer? It looked like a good place to hide from the people who were cat-sitting while the humans went away, until I discovered I was stuck! They had to call up my mum's father to come and help move the freezer to rescue me. He had to drive all the way out here and then they had to practically re-arrange the kitchen to get me out! I emerged looking very uncool, covered in dust and cobwebs. It was a very uncool moment. Course, what they don't know is that I probably could have got out of there if I tried hard enough, but who wants to make life easy for the cat-sitters??!!


Well, it's pretty darned embarrassing when you bring home a live baby squirrel for the humans and they freak out! They only went and rescued the thing and put it back in the woods. I ask you - what kind of gratitude is that? I was very embarrassed that my kindness was so rudely unappreciated!
Other Comments  

Lives with Liffey and Bella


    Lives with Pie and Bella Lives with Pie and Liffey



  None - yet!     None - yet! None - yet!