Our Cupwinners




Date of Birth


  November 4, 1999 November 4, 1999 13th June 1987

Colour or Breed


  Brown Spotted Bengal Brown Spotted Bengal Grey and black tabby with white chin and teensy white 'toe socks' on each paw.



  Stunning Yellow Green Rich Yellow Green Green, like emeralds

Resident in (Country)


  United Kingdom United Kingdom UK



  My Mum's Body Guard Circus Acrobat Soul-mate to my mum




Helping my mum with web design, my designs are much more artistic!


Helping my parents with everything they do. I so much better at flower arranging and getting the house to look right.


Killing things, eating most of it and leaving the innards and heads for my mum.

Most Likely to Say


  Tickle My Tummy!! What's up there? I must go and see.

Hey, it's 3am and I'm ready for fun. fun. fun.........the birds are singing....cats are in the garden.......heck, wake up and let me out...I feel like killing something!


Least Likely to Say


  You can try some of my fish It was me that did that. Peace and the right to life for all small animals and cats!

Most Embarrassing Moment


  I don't have embarrassing moments. I am head cat in my household and have to set an example to my sister.

I had a real embarrassing moment once. I climbed up into my mother's bathroom cupboard and into an opening onto the top of the ceiling. I couldn't come down without help from my parents which is very unusual as I am such an acrobat.


When I jumped into a bath of water and, in my haste to get out, knocked a cup of cold tea that was on the rum, all over myself. the tea had sugar in it and I couldn't wash it off the top of my head. The fur there went spikey when it dried and earned me the name "Punk Cat" for the rest of my life.




  None yet
Other Comments  

I am truly a beautiful example of a Bengal. I also consider myself to be an expert on human psychology. I always manage to get my own way with my mum and dad. My parents hardly ever get mad at me even when I am naughty. How can you get mad at a Bengal that sleeps on your shoulder?!


  My brother may be head cat in the house, but I am far more agile than he is. I can climb higher and am far more adventurous. I move the house ornaments around and they look very nice. I break the ones I don't like.   Bop is sadly not here any longer. She had to go and take a sleep after such a lively and eventful life! But she was a little cat of huge character, very affectionionate and a huge sense of fun and play. She was also a serial murderer of local wildlife, and a strong defender of territory. Local birds, mice and cats breathed a sigh of releif at her passing, but her mum and dad miss her like crazy!
Jet, brown spotted Bengal
Amber, brown spotted Bengal