Our Cupwinners




Date of Birth


  3rd March 2000     July 30, 1999     June 25, 1993

Colour or Breed



I am a chocolate point (I think, my mum's not sure...she's never had one of us before!)


    Black Siamese Mix     Grey and White Domestic Shorthair




My eyes are blue, but sometimes they are like opals.


    Amber     Gorgeous (Green)

Resident in (Country)


  Ibiza in the Balearics     New York, USA     New York, USA




'Fly-catcher'. But I'm also the guardian of the wastepaper bin.


    Artist - Specialising in Water Sculptures     Retired - Or So She Thought




Playing 'fetch' with a rolled up piece of paper my mum calls a mouse (but I also like watching the toilet flush)


    Got to check it out...     Is Writing a Novel on Life without Rufus

Most Likely to Say



'I'll just test that food before you eat it, make sure its not poisonous"


    Did you call ME???     Is he moving out soon?

Least Likely to Say



"Just put that bag down there...I promise I won't jump into it"


    I'll wait...     I've changed my mind - he can stay after all...

Most Embarrassing Moment


When I curled up in the bidet and went to dad took my picture and e-mailed it to all his friends.
    Jumped into the bath tub as kitten without checking it first (no time)and ended up in 2 inches of water...was glad to have those Siamese legs...    

At the age of 6 Lucy tried to assert herself and smacked Rufus right on the head and Rufus, then 4 months old, turned around and smacked her right back...hence the title of Lucy's novel...


Spook, chocolate point Siamese



Rufus, black half Siamese




Lucy, grey and white domestic shorthair