Our Cupwinners



Estia Marcus

Date of Birth


  18 February 2001 1st March 1998 April 17,2002

Colour or Breed


  Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese
White Shorthair Oriental Black and White Polydactyl, are you kidding, there are other colors?



Crystal blue Purfect Emrald green

Resident in (Country)


  Australia USA USA



  To rid the house of ALL Cockroaches

I make sure ther e is Ice cream and plenty of it. It is my job to check the freezer at least once a night.





Chasing cockies and just when they think I have left them alone, I sneak up behind them, pounce and toss them straight onto the lap of whoever is sitting closest.

Tormenting the new puppy Super Model

Most Likely to Say


  Oh I do love you Mum (I am the most affectionate cat I know)
No Why did you let THAT other cat in MY house!

Least Likely to Say


  Oh do you really want me to clean up that mess
Cuddle me I would just love to share your lap with another cat

Most Embarrassing Moment



Oh I have this terrible problem from birth. I seem to have a flap of skin in my nose and at just the most inapropriate times it causes me to sneeze and totally bath whoever is gently stroking me under the chin.

*Blush* I tried to jump up to run along the footboard of the bed, which had a chest behind it also. Little did I know the blankets were hiding the gap between the bed and the chest. I leapt up and disappeared between them when I landed. Horrible. Dad saw. He laughed. Oh Horrible!!


When I reached for the ice cream spoon and pulled it so hard I hit my self on the head with a full spoon of melting ice cream. I was covered with Bunny Tracks.

Other Comments



I thought I would just let you know that my mother calls me a whinger as I have this older sister that keeps chasing me. Every time she starts this race for some reason I let out this awful whinge as I think oh no she is going to pounce on my again. But then I get her back as when it is my turn to chase, I just keep whacking her back legs.


I am psychic and also very good with a computer. I like to chat on IM with my friend Growlie in Australia, or send him ecards griping about my worthless humans. Its perfectly clear to me that I am better qualified to run their lives than they are. I have a pet human Aaron whom I have been training since I was learning to walk. I am a very good trainer he is coming along nicely.
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