Our Cupwinners



Fairy Lestat Lioncourt
Jasmin and Saffi

Date of Birth


  2nd June 2002 12th April 1998
22nd April 2000

Colour or Breed


  Birman Sealpoint Cream Tabby and White Maine Coon Seal Tortie Point / Chocolate Tortie Point



  Blue Gold

Resident in (Country)


  Italy UK England



  The Italian Stallion Pigeon Fancier

Storm Chaser and Play Consultant / Chat Show Host and Singer




  Eating and Playing Plucking pigeons in the hallway

Dumping my stuffed mouse in the water bowl in an effort to revive it / Tossing my floppy toy donkey over the banisters.


Most Likely to Say


  I'm a big cat and I'm the captain! Please let me keep that mangled, bald pigeon!

'Can't catch me!' 'I'm the King of the Castle!' / 'I'm talking to you - are you listening to me???????'

Least Likely to Say


  I'm sorry. Don't you dare try to brush my tail or undercarriage! 'I'm bored - when's it bedtime?' / 'I'm soooo full I couldn't eat another thing!'

Most Embarrassing Moment



The first time I ever saw a female Birman. I went into another room and fell asleep!


Well, that must have been when I slept in the basket full of clean washing and got hopelessly caught in my Mum's bra!

Saffi - This was when I was younger...I scared myself silly by sitting on the answerphone button and this loud voice came from underneath me. For a minute I thought my bottom was talking to me, which was pretty terrifying, so, with a tail like a loo brush I made my escape! (I now know better!)
Jasmin: This was when I was a kitten and still learning...we were playing chase round the house and I thought the kitchen was the best place to run. I made a really big jump, landed on the top of the swing bin and promptly disappeared from view!
Both girls together: when we both tried to run in through the cat flap at the same time and got stuck as we didn't realise we had grown so much!


Other Comments



We are a very friendly pair - our morning routine includes skidding on the bathroom mat and playing 'under and over' chase, our evening games include'tail tag' and 'mad half hour'. (We gave up 'Shred the curtains'on our first birthday!)

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