Our Cupwinners




Date of Birth


  21/12/2001     August 2000     July 4, 1998

Colour or Breed


  Chocolate point Birman     Black, breed unknown as rescue     Manx



  Blue     Green     Amber

Resident in (Country)


  England     Scotland     USA



  Lady of the house!    

Following one of my humans (she is 12) everywhere she goes. I sleep in her bed, wake her up in the morning, clean her, walk her to school, play outside with her.





  Surprising my brothers     Bird Watching     Contemplating the Universe

Most Likely to Say


  Time for a game     Can I have a kiss and a cuddle?     Is it dinner time yet?

Least Likely to Say


  Can I go to the vet's?     You can have that bird (to his brother).     No thank you; I'm full.

Most Embarrassing Moment



When I was chasing my little brother and he went right up to the top of the huge Golden Acacia and Mum had to climb up to get him back! She is a bit too OLD to be climbing trees!



When 2 of my humans dressed me up as a 'wild west cowcat', and then took photos of me! I don't mind dressing up, but to take photos of me!? It was so embarrassing, and my brother (Thomas) and my neighbouring cats found it hilarious. I'll never live it down!


    Running around like a scared sissy boy, being chased by a seven week old kitten.

Other Comments


  I have two furry brothers, Max and Oscar, they are great fun to have around but I rule the roost!!    

Only a few weeks old, Dylan, and his 5 brothers and sisters were left in a cardbored box in a forest near Inverness. Their mum was found lying on top of the box and couldn't get in to feed the kittens. Luckily a kind dog found them and alerted his owner. They were taken to the Cats Protection League, and a few weeks later we were allowed to take them (Dylan and his brother Tommy) home. They are now beautiful 4 year olds, full of life and mischief! We love them dearly, and they are spoiled rotten.


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