Our Cupwinners



Dodgem & Grace
Heavenly van Luxor

Date of Birth



Dodgem was born in 2000 and Grace in February 2003

I don't know my actual date but my mum makes my birthday as April 13th as that's the date she got me from the RSPCA and I am 5 years old. So I would have been born in 1998.

19 February 1996

Colour or Breed



Dodgem - white and ginger.
Grace - black smoke and white


British shorthair-silver tabby
Black Devon Rex




Both cats have amber eyes.


Resident in (Country)


United Kingdom Belgium




Dodgem is a sofa tester and Grace is an experienced thief.


Profesional mouse (and other small animals) hunter.

Proud mother and grandmother




Dodgem - lazing about mainly. Grace - hoarding hair bobbles and other useful items.

Catching small animals (mice,birds,bats etc) and presenting them to my mum!
Cuddling and birdwatching

Most Likely to Say



Dodgem: "Out of the way - can't see the telly!" Grace: "Want me to help you type this? Oh go on - I'm on the keyboard now, might as well!"

MEOW MEOW - here's another prezzie for you mum. Yes it's still alive - why what's the matter with that??...
Can the heat be turned up please?

Least Likely to Say



Dodgem: "I can't eat today I'm watching my weight" Grace: "I'll just have a lie down and rest for a bit"

Yes course I'll move off the bed for you to make it mum!
Yes! It's raining!

Most Embarrassing Moment



Dodgem: "When my mum caught me stuck in my bag of food"

Grace: "When Dodgem clawed my eye by accident and I had to go around with stitches in my eyelid for a fortnight - I mean, a girl's gotta look good!"


Not long after my family adopted me from the RSPCA, I went exploring and climbed onto a bungalow roof. However, somehow I lost my nerve when I saw how high up it was and I couldn't get down. My family were looking all night for me and thought I had run away, but luckily they heard me meowing the next morning and found me. Mind you it was so embarrassing when my mum asked a big burly fireman to get me down. I'm sure all the cats in the neighbourhood heard about it and it ruined my reputation for a while as being the boss around here. It took a while, (and a few scraps!) to get that reputation back, let me tell you!

The moment I slipped into the bath.My front paws were in the bath. I was trying not to fall in even further AND trying to get out without getting the rest of my body wet. I was standing there (in the bath) for about 3 to 4 minuts thinking about how to get out and my people were watching me... Sooooo embarrassing...

Other Comments



I couldn't pick which cat deserved the award most out of our two - as they are both so deserving! Dodgem and Grace are partners in crime.


I'm one out of 4 cats in a small cattery. We are loved very very much. I have just become grandmother of 2 kittens! I love them so much I'm a second mom to them!


Feline Groovy


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