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Monkey Face

Date of Birth



I was born on May, 5 1999. A day that I will never let my caretaker forget! I love those kitty treats! Oh, and she let's me have my birthday off!!! You see, I have a very important job. I'm her muse, whatever that is!!!

28.06.00 July 9, 1996

Colour or Breed


  I'm a Maine Coon (dark tabby in color) Blue British Shorthair
Chocolate Point Siamese




Well, now. Here is a very interesting question. You see, Mama Denise says that I have the most beautiful eyes. Normally they are gold, a very mellow gold. But there are times when my sister, Tiffany Marie (a cheeky Siamese), gets me in an uproar. Then they turn green.

Deep Golden
Big and Blue

Resident in (Country)


Manchester, United Kingdon Canada




Well, when I'm not being the cutest cat in the neighborhood (and that's a full-time job), I'm a muse for my Mama Denise. (She's a writer, you see).


Super Stud and General Layabout
African Hunter



  Why, chasing dust balls, of course!

Anything connected to the ladies, football when I feel energetic and lazing in the sun whenever possible.


Genetic Engineering

Most Likely to Say


  Get out of here, Tiffany Marie. It's my turn!! Do not disturb, unless with a lady friend, food, or time for a cuddle
Just A Stick Of Butter Will Do

Least Likely to Say


  Stop that petting!
Oh great another cat show I can't take all the credit for that

Most Embarrassing Moment



Well, if it weren't so important to me to win the award, I would not tell you! But I would have to say that my most embarrasing moment was when I fell into the toilet. That's right! Splash!!!! Good thing that I know how to swim.


I once got my front paw tied up in a piece of string and a ball hanging from a lovely cat scratching post. As a huge boy, I was embarrassed after I was found by my mum, Christine, screaming for help and shouting loudly for her to "Hurry up, I might loose a leg." She rapidly cut off the offending string and the ball and they have not been seen since.


Pooping my pants on seeing a fellow male enemy, and having mum give me a bath.

Other Comments



I'm living proof that cats have nine lives. Why I'm on my third! (Tiffany Marie is on her seventh, so she had just better watch herself!)

I like to think of myself as a wild lion, conquering the world with my dashing looks. Some say I need to lose weight but I say bah to that. I'm not old and neutered as they claim, but I am still young and studdly, and my favorite foods include dairy products.



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