Our Cupwinners



Egor Blimey
Lily Raisin

Date of Birth


  20th October 2000     October 17, 1995     August, 1998

Colour or Breed


  Red Tabby Devon Rex
    Tawny spotted Ocicat     Black and White



    Golden or green ... depends on the lighting     Gold

Resident in (Country)


  England     USA



  Demolition Worker     Alarm clock, heating pad, psychologist
    Bookstore cat



  Clearing surfaces
    Perfecting sleeping positions     Charming nice ladies to get a treat.

Most Likely to Say


  It wasn't me...honest!
    I'm telling you! The bed blankets were in a ball like that when I got here!     beg your pardon in a very highbrow way.

Least Likely to Say


  Shall we have some peace and quiet now?
    Just ignore it ... it's just a fly trapped in the kitchen.     Please

Most Embarrassing Moment


  Hey! I'm far too cool to have embarrasing moments!

Taking a bath in my room when I realized my dad had hooked up the webcam there a day before ...

Luckily, he's disconnected it since then.


Sister Diana likes to sleep draped across the top of my computer monitor. Artemis determined it must be a prime spot for warmth and relaxation but when he went to jump up there, he slid right off and then fell off the computer table. He slinked away with a look that said, "I meant to do that."


Other Comments



I live with four other devon rexes Elmo who is my best play mate, Keyser Soze and Maisie Mac who are the latest additions to our house and George who is always very grumpy with me. For some reason he never seems to find the funny side to me jumping on him from a very high surface when he is least expecting it...he can be sooo boring at times.
My human mummy says I am the naughtiest Devon Rex in the world, I'm not quite sure but I think this is a compliment.
I am very particular around the house, I tidy up for my mum by making sure ever single surface in the house is clear. But sometimes she is so ungrateful....especially when she's picked up the CD tower up for the 50th time in one day or when one of her ornaments smash on the floor. Anyway she finally seems to have seen my side of things and we have now gone for the minimalist look in our house, so much more en-vogue in my opinion!

    Mentioned on my site is Emma Magnolia. She's my little sister ... the chinchilla ...     We've had many customers send us pictures of their cats and many have made offers to buy Artemis. He is quite a charmer but he is the bookstore cat and we need him and love him madly!
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