Our Cupwinners



Mai Amigo

Date of Birth


  14th June 2002 23.10.2001 27 April 2003

Colour or Breed


  Gray, White, Tan, with Black stripes
Oriental Blue Blue Colourpoint



  Gorgeous Big Green eyes
Green Blue

Resident in (Country)


  New York, USA
New Zealand



  Gossip columnist/ plumber

Tyrant (at home), Show Cat (that's when mum stuffs me in one of these dreadful boxes and drags me to loud, smelly places where I have to sit for hours in a cage with nothing to do but to feel sorry for myself)


Mum's Shadow



  Ball player, bird watching

Chasing Menes (I am convinced he deserves it!) and stealing my human sister's soft toys (Small bean babies are my favourites. I have tried the bigger teddies, but they are really awkward to handle. Not to be recommended.)


Practising yoga

Most Likely to Say


  Don't Tell me what to do! Get out of my way! This is my world. Find your own!!!
Gimme a hug

Least Likely to Say


  I hate being the center of attention Did you have a nice day, honey? No? Wait, I will make it all better..
I'm not spoilt with love

Most Embarrassing Moment



When I leaned a little too hard on the window screen and broke it. It looked interesting out on the other side so I climbed out onto the porch roof. Unfortunately, I couldn't get back in and had to wait to be rescued. Thank Goodness they found me because I really needed to use my kitty litter!

Well, it is probably the fact that I am not really the boss in the house. I would like to be! But these boys (especially my own brother, would you believe it!) hold me back. This is not just one embarrassing moment - that is a whole life full of embarrassment! There I am, walking proudly through the living room, feeling like I own the whole world (what I should, really, and everything and everyone in it), when my brother Ilven or my oncle Ferin just suddenly pounce on me. How can anybody look dignified being rolled all over the floor like a bread dough? I can't, and these are probably my most embarrassing moments. (I won't tell you about the day I slipped and landed in the bathtub. You would laugh, and I hate being laughed at!)


When everyone thought I was testing how long I could stand on my head. I do it in my sleep.

Other Comments



Sultanfus is exceptionally smart and curious. We call her our little Yenta - she has to be in the center of the action and has to know everything that is going on. She puts the National Enquirer to shame. In her down time she likes to hang out in the bathroom- she plays with the faucets and can flush the toilet (with assistance). Perhaps she was a plumber in a past life?

My name is Alia (as I already told you), and I live with six other cats and my human family in Devon. (There are dogs, too, and guinea pigs, and fish, and a rat..) We live in a quiet village, but are not allowed to roam free, what is probably for the better. At least I have a nice run attached to the back of the house where I can climb and sun bathe. Gracious as I am I do allow the other cats to join me there. (Alright, the truth - Mum forces me to let the other cats in there, too. Happy now? Some humans need to know absolutely everything..) I think I am happy. I am loved and have always something to eat. Yes, I would say that is happyness - even though I would never stoop deep enough to admit it.





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