Our Cupwinners



Nicky and Koko

Date of Birth


  November 17, 1992     Not sure..From a shelter.I celebrate everyday!     1 October 1995

Colour or Breed


  Siamese Sealpoint     Smooth black velvet.     Siamese Seal Point



  Blue     Green (as in Goddess!)     Aegean Blue

Resident in (Country)


  USA     Canada     UK




Guardians of the household and VICs (Very Important Companions)


    Adoring my mum, especially when she tries to type. Flying around on the high furniture.     International Catsanova




Nicky: Yaking at birds;
Koko: Spying on the neighbors and getting into things.


    Peering at the birds through the big windows. Opening the bathroom door when someone goes in there.     I am a collector, a collector of the hearts of the female persuasion and the toy mouse.

Most Likely to Say


  Nicky: "May I play with the computer?";
Koko: "Have you got any ham?"
    I love you!!!!!!! said with head upside down, in a very velvety voice.    

It is the eyes, you can not help but fall under their seductive spell. Love meeeee, but, don't forget to bring a toy mouse.


Least Likely to Say


  Nicky: "Leave me alone."; Koko: "I don't care for any ham right now, thank you."     Go away!!    

I understand if you don't want to cuddle; I take full responsibility for knocking over that plate.


Most Embarrassing Moment



Nicky: Fell off the back of the chair while I was asleep and laid on the floor in a big lump. Everyone laughed at me."; Koko: "Walked across the room one day while the sun was casting a shadow on the wall. I thought it was a bird and jumped into the air. Everyone laughed at me despite the fact that I immediately regained my control and continued on as if nothing had happened."


    When I first came to this wonderful home, the higher I could get the better. There was this tall cabinet and once I was on top I realized there were all these china ornaments. The only way I could run along it was by knocking one or two off. Then I saw another high 'thing'. I did not know it was a french door and would swing shut with me hanging on one side!!    

I remember the day very well. I had lost my most prized toy mouse and was searching for it frantically.It was then that I came upon an empty Coke carton. In my feverish state I made the unwise assumption that my mouse might be in that box. It was then that I stuck my head inside to look for the mouse and, to my horror, the mouse was not only not in the box but the box was stuck on my head. For what seemed hours, I tried helplessly to detach this cruel injustice from my head. Finally, after rolls of laughter from my human companion and her house guests, she rescued me from this horrible, distasteful ordeal.


Other Comments  

We are two Siamese twin brothers, if your please, and are inseparable. Our faces look the same but Nicky is much bigger than Koko. We are international celebrities: we have our own web site, cats we often communicate with by email, and quite a fan club, if we do say so ourselves. Koko is the more photogenic and people have asked if they can use his picture as computer wallpaper, etc. He is also included in your "Cats of the World" screen saver! Our people love us!


    I know now how to spring onto high places and go all around the room without touching the ground. I think a lot of things have been put away, but I am very careful, and do not break things. I wish all cats could be as happy as Libby and me. She came from the shelter at the same time as me. In fact it was her mum went to get, and I sort of begged to go as well.      

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Nicky and Koko, the Monkeyboys, seal point Siamese
Sissy, black shorthair
Kazoo, seal point Siamese