Our Cupwinners



Minishka (Daisy)

Date of Birth


  July 1996     1st November 1996     28th January 1992

Colour or Breed


  White     Lilac Point Siamese     Chocolate Point Siamese



  Blue     Sapphire blue     Violet Blue

Resident in (Country)


  Malta     U.K.     Georgia, USA




Loving my human Mum, and my Oriental daughter


    Professional attention grabber



  Teasing the dog    

Chasing and hiding grey rubber mice


    Living up to my name

Most Likely to Say


  Princess(the dog) broke it     "I can't find my mouse, it may be under the bed!"     Will somebody puleez pick me up.

Least Likely to Say


  I like dogs     "I don't want to play"     I think I will spend a quiet day meditating

Most Embarrassing Moment


  When I was asleep and the dog gave me a big sloppy kiss.Yuk!    

Hiding under the duvet, stretching my claws and catching my human dad in an embarrassing place! He shouted "ow!" very loudly.



One day as a young cat, I went into the kitchen to find Bobbie busy making a pie. I meowed, "Hey, it is time to play!" Bobbie looked down at me and said, "Not now sweetie, later." Never taking no for an answerI replied, "I don't think so." I then did a spectacular Siamese leap up to the counter. Unfortunately I miscalculated and landed in a bowl of pumpkin pie mixture. Bobbie shrieked, "Oh no!" I yowled, "Get me out of here!" Bobbie cleaned me up and said, "It's OK sweetie, sometimes stuff happens." Time has past since that episode, but Bobbie has to tell everyone who visits, about Chaos and the bowl of pumpkin. She has become a regular motor mouth on the subject, much to my dismay.




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Other Comments  

My Humans tell me I'm crazy, because I'll only drink from the showerhead!



I was adopted in December 1999 along with my Lilac Oriental daughter and we have conquered the house together. We are house cats and sleep wherever we like. We have also made our Mum smile again after her Seal Point Siamese died in 1997.



I live with my two brothers Sealy and Deco we share the house with Bobbie and Al. We also have a houseguest cousin Cosmo,,who thinks he is the Royal Prince of Siam! Personally I think he is a Royal pain, always sitting in my favorite places. Cosmos it staying with us until his person Miss Wendy comes home from abroad. I am eagerly looking forward to that day.


Andre, white
Minishka (Daisy), lilac point Siamese
Chaos, chocolate point Siamese