Our Cupwinners



Fearsir     Fredi Firebeetle     Shvaika

Date of Birth


  1st June 1998     12th November 1994     7th July 1995

Colour or Breed


  Grey, black, white, and whiteish yellow     Red Tabby Point Siamese     Black



  Brown     Sky blue     Yellow

Resident in (Country)


  Hawaii, U.S.A.     Scotland, UK     Ukraine



  Leading a cat's life     Blues singer     Educator of humans



  Sleeping and being lazy     Crooning     Helping my human with the computer

Most Likely to Say


  Meow, I told you not to disturb me! Meow....     Oooooooooh ooowah wimoweh!     Can I help you work on your computer?

Least Likely to Say


  I'm full & I'm full of energy today     It's a while since we last saw the vet - can we visit?     I love working out

Most Embarrassing Moment



I was minding my own business, and I heard a call from the bathroom, so I went in and found my human in a white dish filled with water (I didn't know better back then, I now know its a tub).I hopped up on the bathroom counter and slipped in the sink.Then I slipped when I got out because I stepped in the soap, but this time I fell in the toilet! I didn't like that...I crawled out, soakey and wet, I didn't smell good either...And he laughed at me! What a shame of him...


    Accidentally crunching my lady's little finger when she put more food in my bowl.     I was sitting on the balcony watching the birds that
fly outside. One bird sat on the windowsill. I tried to scratch it
but the window pane was in the way. The bird still sat there, laughing at me!. I tried and tried to scratch it but I couldn't, because of the window pane. After a few minutes the bird flew away.
Other Comments  

When Fearsir's first entry only received our Medal he promptly put his thinking cap on and had another go. We thought that determination like that should be rewarded, so now he's got our Gold Cup.


    I have been to a few shows but tend not to do well. I'm very beautiful all the same, and they do say I have a sweet nature
    Shvaika's first language is Russian, so we were all very proud that she took the time to complete her profile in English.



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FRedi Firebeetle, red tabby point Siamese
Shvaika, black moggy