Our Cupwinners



Mittens (Mitty the Kitty)

Date of Birth


  16th July 1996 October 22, 1998     July 6, 1993

Colour or Breed


  Redpoint Siamese Blue Point Siamese     Tuxedo (That's black with a white bib to the uninitiated!)



  Blue, deep, piercing blue! Sapphire Blue     Green

Resident in (Country)


  England USA     USA



  Delinquent Being an Intellectual Cat     Official Website Spokescat for Spay/Neuter



  Hypnotism (those eyes!!!)

Collecting Pens. It's not my fault my humans fail to appreciate the obvious handiness of having one's pens placed under furniture.


    looking cute, warming laps, sneaking up on my brother Stripes, eating, sleeping

Most Likely to Say


  Can you PLEASE lift me down off this fence/roof/bird table/branch... As if I didn't have enough work on my paws already     "Nobody ever feeds me!"

Least Likely to Say


  Yes, those ARE my muddy pawprints on the clean duvet cover! OK! You can intrude on my space!     "C'mon, Stripes...let's bury the hatchet!"

Most Embarrassing Moment


  It has to be falling in the fish pond whilst leaping after damselflies during the summer...... I don't have embarrassing moments only our dog does, I always say "Fine! If you expect that hire a dog!"    

When mommy caught me peeing on the printer...she was SO sure Stripes was the one doing it...I was happy to let her keep believing this, and it was very embarassing to get caught!


Other Comments        

I'm top cat and only cat in my household so I try to give my poor humans help and advice through life. For instance, I'm forever telling them, "What, are you still here! Aren't you supposed to be feeding me my special treats or playing with me or letting me out or something!


    Besides Stripes, I live with seven other sister Dusty, and Bill, Allegra, Lucky, Junior, Spunky & Blackie. Bill is my best cat friend; I taught him all kinds of naughty things (like sneaking up on Stripes, that is so much fun!). I was mommy's first cat, and she calls me her *special*.



None yet

Faro, red point Siamese
Juliet, blue point Siamese