Our Cupwinners




Date of Birth


  ? May 1990     A boy shouldn't need to give out that kind of information, it's personal     25 January 1997

Colour or Breed


  Black Moggy     Choc-point Siamese     Brown Marbled Tabby



  Green     Blue     Emerald green

Resident in (Country)


  U.K.     Grangemouth, Falkirk, Scotland     Australia



  Controlling the neighbourhood cats with one terrifying glare    

Ballet dancer, although I had to give up performing as I got stage fright.


    Assistant Kitten Foster Carer



  Hating Leilani and Sakura    

Sleeping in front of the radiator, and listening to bedtime stories from Spock and Dracs books . Mom got them from your website.


    Giving face rubs to bags of my favourite Cat food!

Most Likely to Say


  Go away and don't touch me - I am not a cuddle kitten     Turn the heating up it's cold in here. That's mine!     "Mum, where's my food?"

Least Likely to Say


  Please let me get on your lap for a cuddle     You can have mine, come and have my space in front of the radiator.     "Oh Mum, not another litter of kittens?!"

Most Embarrassing Moment



When I had to have a 'bucket' around my neck after I got shot with an air rifle in my leg. Even Rosie the Springer Spaniel was scared of me! I tried to get out my cat flap but kept banging the bucket on the door.


    When my girlfriend Big Rosie found me sleeping with little Maggie in front of the radiator. Well all tortieshell's look alike, don't they?     Skidding across a freshly washed floor and banging face first into a cupboard, in front of all the other cats and kittens.
Other Comments  

I live with Leilani and Sakura although I hate them both and would much prefer to be an only cat. I love Rosie and would share her bed if she would let me!


    I once was a stray cat, but the Falkirk Cat Register and Rescue found me and adopted me.    

Asmodean is a wonderful, loving cat. He really does help a lot with all the rescued unweaned kittens. Asmodean absolutely adores them. He shows them how to use litter trays, how to eat properly, and he even plays with them.




  None yet
Gheeta, black moggy
Anthony, chocalate point Siamese
  Asmodean, brown marbled Tabby