Our Cupwinners




Date of Birth


  12th September 199?     12th February 2000 12th February 2000

Colour or Breed


  Grey and white     Tabby Point Siamese Chocolate Point Siamese



  Amber     Blue Blue

Resident in (Country)


  Scotland     UK UK



  Ex Refuse Collector - he was made redundant.     Guard Cat, ready to sound the alarm anytime! Would be model - I like to practise posing.



  Birdwatching     Talking and retrieving Stuffing toy mice under the chairs

Most Likely to Say



"I'm not sleeping, I'm just resting my eyes." This is due to his habit of sitting bolt upright on the back of the sofa and then, as he gradually falls asleep, his nose slowly descending until it touches the cloth, when he will start upright again.


    Now!!!!! Well it was in my way so it had to go

Least Likely to Say


  I think I'll save some of that food for later.     Don't worry, I can wait Whoops!!!

Most Embarrassing Moment


  Being bathed periodically. (This is to help to alleviate a skin complaint he has.)     Whilst doing my best impression of a meer cat, I lost concentration for a moment and fell over backwards in front of my human grandmother, mother and sister - they dared to laugh!!!!!

Maybe it was when I fell in the paint which frightened me so much that I ran all over the sitting room, dining room, up 3 flights of stairs and around 2 bedrooms, covering them all in paint. Or maybe it was when I had a look in a carrier bag and got my head stuck and ran into the sitting room with shreds of plastic around my neck. I'm not sure, but both were pretty embarrassing!


Other Comments  

Ricky lives with the Cat Register and Rescue in Falkirk. Catsup are proud to be one of his Adopters.


    Lives with Leilani and Gheeta Although I've been told I am a cat, I feel far closer to my doggy sister (Rosie) than anyone else as she is my body guared and warns me when other cats are in my garden. I live with Sakura and Gheeta

Ricky, grey and white domestic shorthair
Sakura, tabby point Siamese
Leilani, chocolate point Siamese