Our Cupwinners




Date of Birth


  6th December 1992     Unknown to humans (of course I know myself)     9th November 1993

Colour or Breed


  Japanese bob-tail/Maincoon mix Russian Bleu     beautiful ginger boy     Oriental Chocolate Spotted Tabby



  Green     perfect shade of cat green     Deep Green

Resident in (Country)


  USA     Falkirk, Scotland     UK



  Annoyance control    

Teller of many tales, I make sure mum is aware of everything that is going on, I welcome all the new arrivals, even if they don't want welcomed, I talk to all the others all the time I am awake. I talk and talk and talk.


    Musician and Lady of leisure



  Following closely to feet     I talk, I play football, I talk, I talk.......     Playing the harpsichord

Most Likely to Say


  You know you love me tripping you everytime you walk!     Hullo, hullo, hullo, hullo,hullo,hullo,hullo,.........     Oh, it must have been the ghost of Suki (the previous resident cat who was a Blue-Point Siamese.)

Least Likely to Say


  I don't wan't to jump in the new visitors lap!     nothing really - I just like to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk,......     Yes, I did that, sorry!!

Most Embarrassing Moment


  When I fell out of the window while I was sleeping!    

I woke up one morning and my voice was gone - all the others were waiting for my coments on the day and there I was - quiet - fortunately my mum knew that if I was quiet there must be something wrong and she rushed me off to the vet - I had to stay there and went to sleep for a while, when I woke up my throat was sore and it was a few days before my voice started to come back.


    Being caught playing the harpsichord by walking along the strings when one broke.
Other Comments  

Bobbers passed away in January 1997. He first came to me as a stray wondering the streets. I miss him dearly!


    Bernard is one of our Adopt-a-cat special cats and gives pleasure to lots of people while helping to raise funds for all the other cats in need.    

John gave me some delicious ham one day, but then told me it was cured- I wish he'd mentioned that earlier, I don't want to eat anything that's been ill



    None yet
Bobbers, Japanese bob-tail/Maincoon mix Russian Bleu

Bernard, ginger domestic shorthair

Elsa, Oriental Chocolate Spotted Tabby