Our Cupwinners



Pharoah     Minew     Princess Meg

Date of Birth


  19th March 2001
    July 1990     14th September 2001

Colour or Breed


  Seal point siamese
    Buff Color - Breed-Alley Cat     Black and white



    Golden     Brownish/Green

Resident in (Country)


  Wales (UK)
    US     USA



  Managing Director

Minew's main job is to hold the chair and bed corner down.

    A crazed inspiration



  Biting humans fingers at 5 am

Chasing around the funniest things and terrorising my big sisters


Most Likely to Say


  I want it NOW
    Stop Hugging Me     Is it time to play yet? I'm REALLY bored!!!

Least Likely to Say


  Sorry to bother you
    Please Give Me A Hug     I don't want to play, must go poo.

Most Embarrassing Moment


  Falling into the toilet bowl
    The time I was chasing a mouse and lost it. I never realized the mouse was hiding under my stomach.

WELL, I'm gonna be really embarrassed to say this. I was up on my hind legs swatting at my mom's pencil, on the back of the couch. I fell off the back of the couch onto a rack of magazines, and I couldn't find myself for a while under the pile of magazines.


Other Comments



I am 14 weeks old. When I came to my new home I was a bit under the weather, I had to go to the vets and have eye drops and antibiotics, I also had constipation. Never mind I am much better now. I'VE got a BUSHY TAILED BIMBO in my new family too. She annoys me by trying to wash my ears which don't need washing, so to get even I play pat a tail with her. I've got a dog too, I like to stare at him until he gets up and moves away, then I sit on his warm blanket.


    Minew is one in a million - at least in my eyes.     I like to see what is at the bottom of the litterbox. You should try it! Hey, it beats going to school or work, right? Unless you're training to be in a fish market...
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  Stinky Kitty Litter 2001
Pharoah Seal Point Siamese
Minew, domestic shorthair
Princess Meg, black and white kitten