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Gypsy surverying his kingdom












































































































Gyp and Tim
Episode 1 - The Early Days.


Tim and Gypsy on the bed

Tim stays in the background, but Gyp has no such inhibitions.


Gypsy and Tim are two brothers, very alike in many ways, but for Gypsy the world is full of friendly people, Tim sees it differently. There are one or two, maybe three, people he trusts totally, the rest could be dangerous. At the end of the day, the boys settle down for a chat, before watching TV with the staff.
Gypsy I think that the introduction sums it up quite well.
Tim Just because you think they are out to get you, doesn't make you paranoid
Gypsy OK, now we are going to tell them about our early life, before we came to live
Tim John may have to fake some of this as he did not know us then. I have tried to
tell him some of the details. We were born at a very early age.
Gypsy Ho Ho.
Tim If you want great humour, don't employ a cat.
Gypsy We went to live with a elderly gentleman, who lived alone, apart from us. He
looked after us well, and that is where we got our names. Thelma and John
decided not to change our names when they took over looking after us.
Tim He looked after us too well, every year we went to the VET, to have a needle
stuck in our neck. That's a tradition I tried to get Thelma and John to drop, but
no luck. They think it will keep us healthy.
Gypsy The place we lived in was similar to Thelma and John's, it was in a small village,
there was a road running in front of the house, but not too much traffic, and a
big back garden, and behind the back garden was a field, just like Thelma and
John's house. The big difference is their house does not have a river nearby. I
love fishing.


Staff Notice. The boys' original home was about 200 yards away from a backwater of the River Test. They had regular medical checks, and vaccinations, and that is how we found their names, from their records.


Tim We lived with our original keeper for over 5 years. We had him nicely trained, I
would wake him up early in the morning, just about dawn, and he would feed
Gypsy I slept on the bottom of the bed, while you were nearby.
Tim All either of us had to do was scratch on the door, and he would let us in or out.
Thelma and John are getting the idea with that, but all the doors are double
glazed glass, so they can't always hear. They should be constantly watching.
Gypsy I think they are coming on though. When the stairs were being painted we were
  carried up and down, while the paint was wet, and we get fishy tasting cat food
  rather than meat now.
Tim Anyway back to the story, we were very happy there, we could come and go
pretty much as we pleased. Neighbours were not too friendly, but were not
there very often. We had no TV, but that didn't matter.
Gypsy Yes, remember how scared we were when we first saw TV at Thelma and
Tim Here it's much more fun with neighbours. The dog on the other side of the fence
can't climb, and can't get under, so we sit on our side and call to him.
Gypsy Anyway life was very pleasant, until one afternoon we came home, and we
could not get in. We scratched and called, but nothing happened. We stayed
out or the first time ever that night. Scary.


Staff Notice. As soon as it starts to get dark the boys appear at the door, waiting to come in. Depending on the time of year, this may be before or after the evening feed, but neither one makes more than a token request to go out at night.

Tim Next morning same thing, we were getting hungry by then. We started to hunt
for our food. I caught some, but was not over keen on the taste.
Gypsy I was less successful, had to scavenge from dustbins at times. This went on for
two weeks, then some strangers appeared at our home, but we were scared
and hid.


Staff notice. The boys first owner. was taken ill suddenly, and died in hospital without regaining consciousness. He had no close family, lived alone, so it was about two weeks before anyone went into the house, and then the cats' food bowls were discovered. Cat Protection was contacted.


Tim I kept well out of the way.
Gypsy They produced some food, I was really hungry, and they looked like nice
people, so I went up to see them.
Tim I watched from the bushes, and I did not like what I saw. They stroked your
fur, then grabbed you and put you in a cage. Then you were taken away. I fled.
Gypsy I was put in a small cage, and that went into a car. We sat there for ages while
they tried to get you, then they gave up, and drove off with me in the car.
Tim And that's where we finish episode 1?
Gypsy Yes, me in cage, in a car being driven away from my home, and you hiding
Tim Thing that interests me most, is where is Ann going to put this, first as it's
episode 1, or fourth, when it was written?.
Gypsy Say Goodnight Timmy.
Tim When are the Timmy Toys reaching the shops?

Gypsy  fishing

Gyp searching hopefully for a few fish in his"new" garden

Episode 2 - The Cage.


Gypsy and Tim getting used to their new home

Perhaps this new home isn't so bad after all!


Gypsy OK. It’s the final linking episode, before we re-start on life with Thelma and
Tim This is the part of our life together I didn’t like.
Gypsy We finished the last part with me in cage, in a car being driven away from my
home, and you hiding outside. We went for quite a long time in the car, I don’t
ever remember being in one before, so I just hunkered down in the cage. After
a while the car stopped, the cage was taken out, and I was carried to a much
larger cage. They let me out of the little cage and I walked out into the bigger
cage. There was food. I ate the lot.
Tim After you had gone I came out of hiding. I managed to catch my supper, and I
went to sleep. I was rather worried, as you were not there to protect, and help
out if trouble came. Next day I saw some food in the garden, I went for it as
there was no one about. Just as I started eating something came down over me.
hissed and spat, but I was grabbed and put in a small cage, and taken off to join
Gypsy By now I’d had all the food I could eat. Then you turned up, causing trouble. I
got grabbed and had some horrible worming tablets pushed down my throat.
Thelma and John continue that tradition, but I make it difficult for them.
Tim Don’t know what you are complaining about, they did the same thing to me.
Gypsy They did me twice.


Staff Note. Gypsy had a very bad infestation of worms, and was under-weight when he arrived at the Cat Protection shelter. Since then he has not been under-weight, nor has he any intention of joining weight-watchers.


Tim There was another cat in the next cage. I complained.
Gypsy You complained so much they moved us into a small cage away from the


Staff Note. Tim does not get on with other cats, apart from Gyp, so the boys had to be put in a cage away from the other pens, unfortunately this was a single pen. Cat Protection did not want to split the boys up. They had all their Vets records, and knew that they were true brothers.

Tim It was Spring-time when we went there.
Gypsy Then came Summer, Autumn (Fall for those not fortunate enough to be born
British), and Winter, and we were still there.
Tim That’s right blame me.
Gypsy Everytime anyone came you started hissing and spitting at them.
Tim Well one of them tried to pick me up.
Gypsy Eight months we were in that cage, all through the snow, and cold until Thelma,
John and Madeleine turned up.
Tim At least they had some respect, and kept their distance.
Gypsy I got stroked.
Tim Then they went away.


Staff Notice. The boys spent over 8 months waiting at the sanctuary as Cat Protection did not want to split them. They still huddle together when upset, like when the decorator came to paint “their” house. Tim does not like young children, and bonds with one person initially. After a while he starts to befriend others in the family. Gyps is the family pet, and could have been re-homed twenty times during his time at the sanctuary. Tim had bonded with the lady who ran the sanctuary, and was beginning to accept her husband.


Gypsy It was now the end of January. It was very cold, we had heated pads to sit on,
but you kept pushing me off mine. It was snowing, we had not had any exercise
for months. The Cat Protection lady put a cage in our pen. I got straight in.
Tim I stayed on the heated pad.
Gypsy After a while the cage was put in the car and off I went.
Tim The lady came back after about a hour, and put the cage in the pen. I ignored it
for several hours, then I heard her say her husband would scruff me into the
cage when he got home. I got in the cage. Cage lifted into car, and I was off. A
short drive, cage lifted out of car, taken into a house, into a room upstairs. You
were already there.
Gypsy Yep, it was warm, there was plenty of food, and somewhere soft to sit.
Tim And it was bigger than the pen. I went straight behind the bed. When the
humans had gone, I came out for food, not that you had left much.
Gypsy I never intend to be hungry again. I was soon at home, whenever they came in I
got stroked, and spoken to. John even tried to make friends with you.
Tim After a couple of days he started passing cat treats down the back of the bed, .
after a while I started taking them from his hand, then I came up onto the bed to
get them, and the rest is in episode 3
Gypsy Now we can start work on our life with Thelma, John, and Madeleine. Say
good-night Timmy.
Tim Coming next Gypsy on the Roof.

Tim relaxng in the chair

Tim comes to terms with his new life