Catsup's Free Downloads and what Spock and Dracs Think of Them

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The boys in bed

Dracs Hey Spock! Are you awake?
Spock I am now!
Dracs Look what Ann's up to. She's giving things away!
Spock You can't take your eyes off her for a second! What kind of
Dracs Something called a screensaver.
Spock That one there, with all the flowers on?
Dracs That's right.
Spock She kept very quiet about that one.
Dracs I know, especially when you consider that she never stops
talking most of the time.
Spock Have you noticed how she always says everything twice?
"Who's a gorgeous boy?", "Who's a gorgeous boy?" Does
she think we're a couple of parrots?
Dracs It's the "Are you purring?", "Are you purring", that gets me!
I've tried, "No, I'm blowing my nose", but she just ignores me.
Spock All humans are like it, haven't you noticed?
Dracs I've always said they're a strange species. Who knows
  what goes on in their tiny minds?
Spock Beats me. Anyway, this screensaver, can you eat it?
Dracs Dunno, shouldn't think so.
Spock Well it's no good to you then. Can you chase it down the
Dracs Doubt it.
Spock So it's no good to me either. If you can't eat it and can't
chase it, what's the problem? She can give it to who she
likes as far as I'm concerned.
Dracs You've got a point there Spock.
Spock Settle back down on the duvet and forget about it.
Dracs Oh, all right then.
Spock Night night Dracs
Dracs Night night Spock

The boys on the duvet