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If you're a booklover who's ever turned pale at hearing the price quoted for repairing or rebinding a book, these pages are for you! They contain lots of pictures along with brief, non technical explanations of the stages a book goes through when it's being rebound or repaired.





A 200 year old book before and after. Click on the pictures to see how it was rebound stage by stage.
A more modern book given a new case binding. Click on the pictures to see how it was done.


A paperback before it was repaired    


A paperback, repaired and given a hard cover.
Click on the pictures to see how it was done.
Click on the picture to see how hand sewn headbands are made.

These pages would not be complete without a small tribute and a big "Thank You" to my teacher, both at the very start of my interest in the 1980s and since my return to classes. My knowledge of bookbinding would never have progressed as far as it has without David King.

One of the differences between an excellent teacher, and a merely adequate one is to be able to criticise and advise without undermining a student's confidence. Dave has this quality in abundance along with patience, unfailing good humour and a genuine love of passing on his very considerable knowledge, including how to rescue seemingly irreversible mistakes!

Listen to Dave when he is describing a visit to a stately home and you will not hear about the awesome painted ceilings or the magnificent architecture. Instead, he waxes lyrical about the beautiful bindings he has seen in the library there.

I know without any doubt, that I speak for all of Dave's students when I say,
"Sorry Dave, but you can never retire. Ever!"

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