Siamese cat Spock, a blue point

Siamese cat Dracs, a lilac point

Siamese cat Spock prefers Ann's clothes to blankets.

Spock, teaching Ann that she really shouldn't leave her clothes lying around on the bed when a Siamese cat is in residence.




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Siamese cat Dracs doesn't like to miss a trick!

It's quite common for a Siamese cat to be cross eyed, as Dracs demonstrates.

Siamese cat Spock surveying his kingdom from the ironing board.

Siamese cats are often "Talkers".

Siamese cat Spock having a cuddle with Ann

The Siamese bonding instinct is very strong in Spock.

Siamese Cats Spock and Dracs run their own very light hearted website, Catsup, from their office in Ann's house. For over 10 years, they have entertained their online visitors with their unique brand of feline logic, and helped to publicise and raise over £4,000 for PDSA, the UK's largest veterinary charity, through the Internet.

Siamese cats Spock and Dracs in their office.

The Boys in their office, Dracs is on the left, Spock on the right.

Tireless workers (as you can see), The Boys many talents include writing their own books and manipulating Ann, the human with whom they live. Ann's still recovering from the impact of sharing her house with 2 full blooded Siamese cats! The books are available to buy through our secure server here .

I'm in the process of giving the website a new look, but with over 90 pages it's impossible to do it all in one go. Until it's finished, you'll find a variety of styles!

Siamese cat Dracs making a nest in Ann's duvet.

A Siamese infinitely prefers a nest in the duvet to his own bed!


Siamese cat Dracs helping Ann with her sewing machine.

Siamese can be very bossy, especially when supervising their human.
Some Characteristics of Siamese Cats
Many years ago I bought Doreen Tovey's book "Cats in the Belfry", about her 2 Siamese cats. I lent it out numerous times and a pattern began to emerge. Everyone enjoyed it, but cat owners who'd never experienced life with a Siamese would always comment that it was rather far fetched. Siamese owners on the other hand simply said how true to life it was. This leads me neatly to the point that Siamese cats have all the same characteristics of other cats, but to extremes! Nothing about a Siamese is understated and they can come as something of a shock to new owners who've never encountered the breed before.

Spock demonstrating the Siamese warcry.

Most Siamese are not only very opinionated, but have no inhibitions at all about letting you know exactly what they think. Spock has a tremendous vocabulary, only a fraction of which I understand. This does not stop him from lecturing me at length. With a Siamese cat, no detail is too small to be left out and several need to be repeated numerous times! Be prepared for some long conversations where the only contribution you are able to make is, "But............."

Siamese have voices several decibels louder than other cats. On one occasion, when I was having a telephone conversation and Spock was exercising his considerable lungs to their fullest extent, I felt obliged to explain that the background noise, which the caller could hear loudly and very clearly, was a Siamese cat. When I also mentioned that he was upstairs in my bedroom behind a door that was semi shut and I was sitting downstairs at my dining table there was an awed silence at the other end of the phone.

A Siamese warcry has to be heard to be believed. Unfortunately, thanks to Spock, it's all too familiar to me. I understand that the volume reached by a female Siamese in heat also has the capacity to take the breath away, but I have no first hand experience of this.


Siamese cat owners quickly learn never to leave any food unattended at any time, regardless of what it is. The fact that you may even be in the room watching them at the time is no deterrent. Over the years I have found a sausage with one Siamese sized bite taken out of it hidden behind an open door and cup cakes which had been left on the coffee table overnight with the surface taken off the top of each. I have also seen a Siamese saunter past a workman sitting on my stairs eating fish and chips and in one fluid movement swipe the fish off the paper to the astonishment of the "diner". (Fortunately, he saw the funny side of it.)

Never underestimate a Siamese thief. On one occasion, I left 2 very full bags of groceries in the hall whilst I put the car in the garage 50 yards away. Dracs was nowhere to be seen. By the time I got back, no more than a minute later, Dracs had magically appeared, located a vacuum packed package of bacon, had ripped through the outer bag and was just about to rip open the package itself.

If your Siamese is allowed out, then you may have to make your peace with the neighbours from time to time. Many years ago, my mother was horrified to see our male Siamese walking purposefully home with an entire chicken carcase, still containing plenty of meat, hanging from his mouth.

It's not just food that a Siamese will steal. Anything that takes their fancy is fair game. Spock took a liking to a small stuffed bear that a friend brought me back from Scotland. At the time, it lived on my mantelpiece. I lost count of the number of times Spock removed it. On one occasion, I found it carefully placed in amongst his other toys.

Any untoward sound coming from a room containing a Siamese cat usually needs to be investigated. Shouting "What are you up to" is pointless. It will usually just result in the reply "Nothing".


Spock demonstrating the Siamese tendency to steal, even in front of your very eyes.

Siamese cats are very intelligent and need a lot of attention, especially Dracs!

The Siamese breed is noted for its intelligence and my own experience is that they have very logical brains. Unfortunately, Siamese logic and human logic don't always mesh seamlessly. Everyone knows that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. A Siamese cat applies a similar principle to every problem. Whatever is the quickest, simplest method to achieve his ends is the one he will choose. That it may not be the ideal solution for the humans around him is immaterial. Many Siamese can also think more than one step ahead.

For a while, Spock noted that after I went to bed, I'd read for a while before settling down. He decided that, once I'd put my book down, since I was still awake and clearly lying there with nothing at all to do, it was the perfectl time to bring his favourite, extremely battered and Siamese spit laden catnip mouse upstairs so that we could have a game with it. Logical? Yes. Convenient? Definitely not!

A roof over their head and a regular supply of food is important to a Siamese, just as it is to all cats. The humans who provide the roof and the food are much more than just "tin openers" to them however. They see themselves, quite rightly, as integral and very important members of the family in which they live and establish strong, mutually rewarding relationships with their humans.

Spock tends to monitor proceedings, Dracs actively supervises. Like Alexander before him, he can't bear to be left out of anything and he's always quite sure that he knows better than me, how everything should be done. When you plan a job, always allow twice as long as you originally anticipated if you share your home with a Siamese cat.

It would be easy, after reading this, to question why anyone in their right mind would ever choose to live with a Siamese cat! There is absolutely no doubt that living with one or more will change your life and not always in the way that you'd prefer. Those of us who share our homes with Siamese wouldn't have them any other way.


Honey and Shelley, who live next door to Spock and Dracs are sick of being called "bushy tailed bimbos" by a pair of Siamese cats, so they've decided to put it to the public vote. Click here to see their photos, read their comments and take their mini poll.
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Siamese cats Spock and Dracs in a rare moment of togetherness. outside the bedroom

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